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The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local

We prepared a dining guide for Stuttgart The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local to honor our new hometown in Germany! Although much of these years passed with travel, we compiled the restaurants, cafes, and favorite dishes we tried during this our stay in Stuttgart! Here’s the Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local

The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local


We can’t eat d├Âner anywhere else! You can find the best meat d├Âner in Germany here. Thus, there’s always a long queue in front of it. You can have your d├Âner both in their homemade bread or on a plate. The most important feature of this d├Âner is that the meat is carefully selected, it doesn’t contain any sweeteners or preservatives, and it’s very delicious. You can also choose grilled vegetables (e.g., peppers, potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, green beans, onions) and sauces (e.g., yogurt sauce, hot sauce) from the buffet to be served with your d├Âner. You might think vegetables or sauce don’t go with d├Âner, but we can definitely say they do.

I get the “Y├╝ksel’s Original” in bread, and I really like peppers, potatoes, and zucchini with my d├Âner. ┼×ahin’s favorite is the “Alaturka Original” served on a plate, and he likes it with hot sauce, green beans, and potatoes on the side. Let’s also mention that the d├Âners here are very generous. Also, don’t forget to try their dill ayran, which they produce themselves.

Address: Olgastra├če 75, 70182 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 40795672

Google Maps: Alaturka

Oggi – The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart

An Italian restaurant where everything from appetizers to desserts is very delicious. The restaurant has a chic design. It’s advisable to make a reservation before coming because it gets very crowded. Online booking is also possible. We should also mention that they respond very quickly. You can also just have a drink at the bar inside. Be sure to try the bruschetta, minestrone soup, and salmon.

Address: Kleiner Schlo├čplatz 11, 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 2845990

Google Maps: Oggi

Da Nello

This is a family-owned Italian restaurant, and the food is very delicious. The owners are also very friendly and cheerful. It’s not a place where you can find a spontaneous table because the number of tables is limited and it’s always full. It’s a good idea to call and make a reservation. The restaurant also puts out a few tables outside in the summer, making it easier to find a place for lunch or dinner during those times.

We think the most delicious dishes are the bruschetta and tomato soup for starters, and salmon pasta or pizzas for main course. Don’t forget to remind them to slice the pizza, otherwise, it comes in one piece. Also, the bread and olive oil they serve as a treat are very delicious.

Address: Grazer Str. 42, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 854419

Google Maps: Da Nello


This is an Italian restaurant chain you can find throughout Germany. We love their bruschetta, pizza, and chicken salad. Let’s also mention that their pizzas are huge. They don’t even fit on the plate they bring. If you can’t finish it, it’s very common in Germany to ask for your leftovers to be packaged. Don’t hesitate to ask, and sometimes they ask you too, so don’t be surprised. Unfortunately, the taste may not be the same at every branch. We were satisfied with this branch.

Address: Mail├Ąnder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 22007707

Google Maps: L’Osteria


Osteria is a small Italian restaurant. It has no connection with L’Osteria. Its menu is shaped according to seasonal fresh products. Therefore, it doesn’t have a fixed menu. The owner talks a bit too much, but he’s cute. They use their own-produced olive oil in their dishes, and you can also buy this olive oil in bottles. We really liked its taste, it doesn’t smell and it’s light. If you see truffle mushroom pasta and octopus pizza on the menu, you should try at least one of them.

Address: Klagenfurter Str. 17, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 35871651

Google Maps: Osteria

Il Pomodoro

Another Italian restaurant in Stuttgart is Il Pomodoro. Located on a street where cafes and restaurants are lined up side by side, this place offers flavors from Italian cuisine. We find their lasagna and pasta delicious. Also, sitting outside in the summer is very enjoyable.

Address: Wilhelmspl. 4, 70182 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 86025777

Google Maps: Il Pomodoro


By far our favorite pastry shop. You can find their branches throughout the Baden-W├╝rttemberg state. They have a variety of bread, pretzels, cheesecakes, pastries, and sandwiches. We recommend trying the classic German flavors of pretzel and “K├Ąsekuchen” (cheesecake). Also, the cheesecakes with mandarin, blueberry, and hazelnut cake are very delicious. In addition to that, you can also sit in their cafe and have tea or coffee. It’s better not to stay too late if you’re going, the products run out quickly even though they produce a lot of products.

Address: Stuttgarter Str. 104, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 85680030

Google Maps: Tr├Âlsch

Carls Brauhaus

Carls Brauhaus in the heart of Stuttgart is a German restaurant and beer house. The interior has an authentic design. We especially like sitting in the back section with benches. Their beers and cocktails are very successful. Also, you must try the Swabian specialties K├Ąsesp├Ątzle (resembling melted cheese pasta and served with fried onions) and Schwarzw├Ąlder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry tart). Let’s also add that the portions are large and very filling. Unless you come with a very large group, it’s possible to find a spontaneous place here.

Address: Stauffenbergstra├če 1, 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 25974611

Google Maps: Carls Brauhaus

Wichtel Hausbrauerei

Wichtel is a German brewery that produces its own beer. They offer different types of beer depending on the season, so if Maibock is available when you go, be sure to try it. Wichtelkuchen, one of the classic German flavors also known as Fladenbrot, is one of the flavors that must be tried. Actually, it looks very similar to pizza, only the dough is much thinner. Another flavor is Schnitzel. Portions are again quite large.

The place has a very authentic atmosphere with its brick walls and the huge beer production barrel inside. If you want to sit outside, we recommend bringing something warm with you. Because sometimes even in summer, it can be very cool. Since it’s located a bit further away from the city center, there are fewer people, and you can easily find a place.

Address: Stuttgarter Str. 21, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 3480780

Google Maps: Wichtel Hausbrauerei


Hands down our favorite Mexican restaurant! The design inside opens the doors to a colorful world all at once. It’s a perfect place to meet up with a large group, but it’s advisable to make a reservation. If you come here, be sure to try the Quesadillas (a flavor-packed chicken crepe with sauce), Fajitas (wraps with either steak or chicken and vegetables in different sauces), Totillachips (homemade tortilla chips with various dips), and churros (fried dough with chocolate sauce). Additionally, you can find vegetarian or vegan options here. Besides, they offer discounts on cocktails during “happy hours” until a certain hour. Of course, they also have beer.

Address: Eberhardstra├če 69-71, 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 2365974

Google Maps: Enchilada


This is another Mexican restaurant we enjoy going to. The interior is colorful, and it’s a nice place to meet up with friends. Here, we also recommend trying the Fajitas and Tortilla chips. Additionally, if you enjoy trying recipes at home, you can find both Mexican food and cocktail recipes on their website.

Address: Marienstra├če 3B, 70178 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 72233573

Google Maps: Sausalitos

Japanisches Restaurant KICHO

A newly discovered Japanese restaurant. We liked the staff and the atmosphere. We tried ebi-tempura (tempura shrimp and various vegetables), avocado maki, and various sushi served on a big boat, and we liked them a lot. There are plenty of different sushi options here that will appeal to everyone, and they are delicious. Like many restaurants on our list, it’s advisable to make a reservation here too.

Address: Jakobstra├če 19, 70182 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 247687

Google Maps: Japanisches Restaurant KICHO


This is a Greek restaurant we like in Stuttgart. Some of the delicious dishes we can recommend are anchovies, chicken skewers, dolma, tzatziki, fried eggplant, and zucchini. Unfortunately, the anchovies have bones. Also, let’s not forget that it has a pleasant garden where you can spend enjoyable time.

Address: Wiener Str. 86, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 852490

Google Maps: Retsinadiko


You can come here for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. We came here for our anniversary, and it was very enjoyable. This place is on the top floor of the building where the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum is located on K├Ânigstra├če, Stuttgart’s most famous street. Since the building is entirely glass, you can see K├Ânigstra├če from above, and the view is very beautiful. This is a restaurant with a dress code, so you need to dress smartly. It also has a nice bar where you can spend time.

Address: Kleiner Schlo├čplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 2804441

Google Maps: Cube

Gustav Caf├ę & Bar – The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart

A wonderful place for a nice breakfast or coffee meet-up. We especially liked sitting in the separate glass-enclosed area at the back. We loved the scrambled eggs with white cheese and tomatoes, croissants, and avocado toast with scrambled eggs. Additionally, the butter and honey served as sides were delicious. The portions are quite large, so it’s advisable to order accordingly. Finding a place when you go spontaneously can be a bit of a matter of luck.

So, our favorite caf├ę in the Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local is definitely Gustav!

Address: Schwabstra├če 47, 70197 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 48986002

Google Maps: Gustav Caf├ę & Bar


This is a beach-themed restaurant. From the paintings on the walls to the general colors used, it reminds you of summer. Many items are tasty, and our favorite is the turkey schnitzel. Additionally, their cocktails are quite successful.

Address: Marienstra├če 12, 70178 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 6159147

Google Maps: Mauritius

Gelateria Kaiserbau

There are always long lines in front of this ice cream parlor in Marienplatz, one of Stuttgart’s bustling squares. You can find a wide variety of ice cream here. After getting your ice cream from here, you can enjoy some time sitting on the stairs in the square in front. In the summer, these stairs are always lively.

Address: Marienplatz 14, 70178 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 6338383

Google Maps: Gelateria Kaiserbau


Another breakfast spot we visited in Stuttgart is Lumen. The interior is unassuming but has an authentic design. We really enjoyed their scrambled egg dishes, and the butter and bread basket served as sides were also nice. However, the portions here are a bit small.

Address: Stuttgarter Stra├če 7, 70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 70724915

Google Maps: Lumen


This restaurant next to Feuersee is one of our favorite breakfast spots. We find their variety of scrambled eggs delicious. Additionally, sitting outside in the summer and having breakfast while engaging in long conversations is very enjoyable. You can also visit early in the day and spend pleasant time with your friends while enjoying homemade summer drinks.

Address: Herzogstra├če 4, 70176 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 0711 69947644

Google Maps: Netzer

Gasthaus B├Ąren – The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart

Gasthaus B├Ąren has become our favorite restaurant recently. It’s perfect for us as we love all kinds of appetizers and enjoy trying different dishes. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to experience German dishes as appetizers. Every dish we tried was so delicious that we’re sure you’ll be happy with whatever you choose!

So, this is our favorite restaurant in our guide the Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local!

Tel: +49 0711 50070854

Address: Paulinenstra├če 45, 70178 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Gasthaus B├Ąren


If the weather is nice, one of our favorite activities is sitting in front of Deli, sipping white wine and nibbling on something. It’s very enjoyable to sit here and watch people passing by while having conversations. Besides, the food is equally delicious; their pasta, salads, everything was wonderful. Cocktails are also served in a high-quality manner, not overly icy like in some other places.

Tel: +49 07112360200

Address: Gei├čstra├če 7, 70173 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Deli

Restaurant Achillion

Restaurant Achillion is a Greek restaurant very close to the S-Bahn station Schwabstra├če. The Grilled Sea Bream we had here was the best fish we’ve had in Germany, and the appetizers were equally wonderful. It’s definitely one of the places we’ll visit again, and it absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

Tel: +49 071165669183

Address: Schwabstra├če 32, 70197 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Restraunt Achillion

Ochs’n Willi

On a day when we wanted to indulge in meat, we tried Ochs’n Willi, and it was one of the best decisions we made. The meats were very delicious, and the service was excellent. The atmosphere of the place was also very nice. If you want to try meat in a German restaurant, you should add this place to your list.

Tel: +49 07112265191

Address: Kleiner Schlo├čplatz 4, 70173 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Ochs’n Willi

Brauhaus Sch├Ânbuch

This Brauhaus is within walking distance of Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. We visited this restaurant when we wanted to eat Flammkuchen, a traditional German dish. If you want to try something different, this place is perfect for you.

Tel: +49 071172230930

Address: Bolzstra├če 10, 70173 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Brauhaus Sch├Ânbuch

Misch Misch

Misch Misch is the last one in our guide The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local.If you want to spend a relaxing weekend near the city center, enjoying coffee and snacks at a caf├ę like us, Misch Misch is perfect for you. In a cozy atmosphere at this small caf├ę, you can sip your delicious coffee and try their cakes.

Address: T├╝binger Str. 95, 70178 Stuttgart

Google Maps: Misch Misch

So, we’ve come to the end of the Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local. Apart from this, you might be interested in the Esslingen Gezi Rehberi and T├╝bingen Gezi Rehberi for day trips from Stuttgart.

We’re very curious about your comments on these restaurants on our guide The Best Restaurants in Stuttgart From Local. If you have tried and liked other restaurants, we would be very happy if you write them in the comments. This way, we can also try what you like.

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