3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget

3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget

With the advantage of visa on arrival and a currency that is weak against the Turkish Lira, Sri Lanka is one of the cheap holiday destinations. A tropical island country famous for its magnificent nature, endless jungles, beaches, and waves suitable for surfing! How much did we spend on our 3-week trip to Sri Lanka, where we visited its cultural heritage, forests, tea plantations, and ancient cities, getting as close as possible to the culture and history of this tropical country? What was the cost of this 3-week trip? Here is the 3-Week Sri Lanka Travel Budget!

3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget

We divided the 3-Week Sri Lanka Travel Budget into sections: preparation and the cities we visited. Under the preparation heading, we detailed the costs of transportation to Sri Lanka, visa, travel insurance, backpack, and medical kit. Under the city headings, we detailed our restaurant, activity, and transportation expenses in each city we visited. Let’s start the 3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget.

Preparation for Sri Lanka

Transportation to Sri Lanka

For our February trip, we bought our plane tickets towards the end of November. Since tickets from Stuttgart were more expensive, we purchased our tickets from Munich to Colombo via a layover in Bangalore.

We paid 651 Euros per person for round-trip plane tickets from Munich to Colombo. Additionally, we paid approximately 65 Euros for fuel to get from Stuttgart to Munich and back. We left our car in a free parking spot, so there were no extra payments for that, but we paid 35 Euros per person for train tickets to and from the airport. Thus, the transportation cost for two people to and from Sri Lanka was 1,402 Euros.


We applied for our Sri Lanka visas online through the official Sri Lanka eVisa site and obtained them one month before our arrival. We paid 50 Euros per person, totaling 100 Euros for our visas. Later, we also filled out the arrival and departure cards, specific to Sri Lanka, online through the official Sri Lanka Immigration Bureau site, which had no additional cost.

Travel Insurance

Since it was our first time traveling to an Asian country and to be more cautious, we also purchased travel insurance. This insurance covered both our health expenses and travel inconveniences, for which we paid 167.40 Euros annually.


As the roads in Sri Lanka are bumpy, we decided to travel with a backpack and bought the Deuter Aircontact Core 60+10 Backpack for 180 Euros. It was a very comfortable bag throughout our trip. We highly recommend it.

Medical Kit

Since it was our first trip to a tropical climate, we decided to create a medical kit. We included nausea and diarrhea pills, bandages, and wound plasters in our kit, spending approximately 40 Euros. To protect ourselves from mosquitoes, we also bought NoBite sprays for clothes and body, costing 30 Euros in total.


When we arrived in Colombo, we first called a taxi via the PickMe app to get to our Airbnb in the Kollupitiya area. This taxi ride cost 15.5 Euros. After leaving our belongings with the host, we needed to pass the time until our accommodation was ready, so we spent time at a nearby caf├ę, where we paid 11.5 Euros for two Chai Lattes, black tea, and an Americano. For dinner, we went to The Sizzle, where we spent 48 Euros.

Unfortunately, as it was our first day and we did not understand the portion sizes of the meals, it was a bit expensive, but the food was delicious. In fact, the meal described as one portion could be shared by two people. During the day, we also paid 1 Euro for water at the market. We were too tired from the travel to do anything else on the first day.

On our second day in Colombo, we started exploring the city to make the most of our time before our train. Our first stop was Gangaramaya Temple, where we paid 2.5 Euros for the entrance fee. We then took a taxi from PickMe to Pettah Floating Market for about 1.3 Euros, had breakfast at a local place for 2 Euros, and drank coffee at the Pettah Floating Market for 3.8 Euros and we bought water for the road for 0.5 Euros while walking to the train station. We paid 30 Euros for one night at the Airbnb and 10.3 Euros for our train from Colombo Fort to Habarana.

Thus, our total expenses in Colombo amounted to 126.4 Euros.


Since there is no direct transportation from Colombo to Sigiriya, we first took a train to Habarana and then called a taxi from PickMe to our hotel in Sigiriya, costing only 10 Euros. Later, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant, paying 6.90 Euros for Chicken Fried Rice, Vegetarian Fried Rice, and water.

Our first day in Sigiriya started with a climb to Pidurangala Rock, for which we paid a 6.1 Euro entrance fee. We went there and back by Tuk-Tuk, costing 6.1 Euros. In the evening, we went to Sigiriya Lion Rock by Tuk-Tuk from our hotel, paying 2.6 Euros for the round trip. The entrance fee for Sigiriya Lion Rock was 70 Euros. After the climb, we had dinner at Kenoli Restaurant, where we had delicious Potato Rotti, Chicken Fried Rice, and tried some fruit juices, paying 12 Euros.

On our second day in Sigiriya, we visited the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. We paid 60 Euros for the entrance fee and 36.80 Euros for the Tuk-Tuk round trip. We had a very tasty Samosa for breakfast in Polonnaruwa, costing 2.8 Euros. After returning to our hotel, we rested. In the evening, we walked to an Organic Cooking Class, for which we paid 46.64 Euros. After the cooking class, we took a Tuk-Tuk back to the hotel, paying 1 Euro.

Before checking out of the hotel, we paid 16.25 Euros for three days of breakfast and water from the hotel and 73.68 Euros for three nights at the hotel.

Our total expenses in Sigiriya amounted to 350.87 Euros.

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To get from Sigiriya to Kandy, we arranged for a Tuk-Tuk, allowing us to visit the Dambulla Cave Temple on the way. We paid 1.6 Euros for flowers offered to the Buddhas and 0.4 Euros to store our shoes while climbing the temple stairs. The entrance fee was 12.3 Euros. We paid 33.7 Euros for the Tuk-Tuk ride to Kandy. For dinner, we paid 19.3 Euros and 0.5 Euros for water during the day.

On our first day in Kandy, we visited the Botanical Garden, paying 1.6 Euros for the Tuk-Tuk ride and 18.40 Euros for the entrance fee. After the Botanical Garden, we took another Tuk-Tuk to the lake, paying 1.6 Euros. We went to Vito Wood Fired Pizza for a break from Sri Lankan food, spending 25 Euros on pizzas and drinks.

On our second day, before taking the train to Nuwara Eliya, we visited the Tooth Temple, with an entrance fee of 12.4 Euros. We also bought spices at the Kandy market for 4.5 Euros to take home. At check-out, we paid the hotel (37.45 Euros), breakfast and water (15.6 Euros), and laundry service (4 Euros) fees.

Before setting off, we had dinner at 14 Euros for Dhal Curry and Chicken Masala. We paid 12.9 Euros for the train from Kandy to Nanu Oya and 3.5 Euros for a Tuk-Tuk from Nanu Oya to Nuwara Eliya.

Our total expenses in Kandy amounted to 218.75 Euros.

Nuwara Eliya

Although we stayed two nights in Nuwara Eliya, we only had one day to spend. Before dawn, we arranged a Tuk-Tuk for Horton Plains National Park and set off at around 5 AM. We paid a 67.5 Euro entrance fee and walked the World’s End route before returning to the hotel for breakfast. We paid 21.35 Euros for the Tuk-Tuk round trip. Despite the high entrance fee, the nature and views were mesmerizing, so we recommend including it in your plans.

After resting at the hotel, we took a Tuk-Tuk to a tea factory and plantation. We picked tea and participated in a factory tour. After the tour, we paid around 2 Euros for cakes during the tea tasting. Besides, we bought approximately 93 Euros worth of souvenir tea. We might have gone overboard, but we loved their tea.

After the tea factory tour, we took a Tuk-Tuk to the center of Nuwara Eliya, paying 10.7 Euros. We had dinner at a Sri Lankan restaurant, paying 6.7 Euros for Vegetable Biryani, water, and yogurt. In Sri Lanka, yogurt is very sweet compared to Turkey, which was a bit disappointing, but the meal was delicious. Before returning to the hotel, we visited Victoria Park, paying 3.3 Euros for the entrance fee.

We paid 29.90 Euros for two nights at the hotel and an extra 6 Euros for breakfast and water from the hotel.

Our total expenses in Nuwara Eliya amounted to 240.45 Euros.


To get from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, we took a Tuk-Tuk from our hotel to the train station in Nanu Oya. Despite searching online for tickets before our trip to Sri Lanka, we couldnÔÇÖt find any, so we tried our luck at the Nanu Oya train station.

We found out that third-class tickets are always available on the train, and if you can squeeze in, you get on. We bought third-class tickets to Ella. The Tuk-Tuk ride cost us 3.3 Euros, and the train tickets were just 1 Euro. From the train station, we took another Tuk-Tuk to our Airbnb for 2.4 Euros. Later, we walked from our hotel to the center for dinner, where we had tapas-style snacks at Ak Ristoro and paid 22.1 Euros.

While strolling in the center, we bought a postcard for 1.6 Euros to send back to Germany. These postcards, which reflected our current feelings, arrived in Germany smoothly and quickly. It was a nice, affordable memento. On our way back to the Airbnb, we picked up a Banana Chocolate Roti and enjoyed it with tea at the Airbnb. We paid approximately 5.8 Euros for the Banana Chocolate Roti, a chocolate-filled crepe-style Sri Lankan delicacy.

On our second day in Ella, we started by walking from the Airbnb to Little Adam’s Peak, which was free. After climbing the peak, we headed to the center and had breakfast at Caf├ę Chill. We spent some time enjoying the European-style caf├ę we missed and paid 27.9 Euros for breakfast and drinks. Later, we went to the post office and sent our postcard home, which cost just 0.2 Euros. Afterward, we took a Tuk-Tuk to Ella Rock and back for 9.1 Euros and paid 5.6 Euros for the entrance fee. For dinner, we went to Raha in the center and paid 11.5 Euros for Devil Chicken and Chapati Potato Curry, along with fruit juices and water.

On our third day in Ella, we walked to Nine Arches Bridge and took some photos before heading to Barn By Starbeans for breakfast in the center. We spent 19 Euros on avocado and egg toast on sourdough bread and drinks. We then spent a slow day in the center, hanging out at Caf├ę Chill, where we spent 21.80 Euros on food and drinks throughout the day.

In the evening, we returned to Nine Arches Bridge to spend some time there at sunset. For dinner, we went back to Barn By Starbeans, where we had pizza and drinks while enjoying live music. We paid 26.4 Euros.

We paid 192.19 Euros for three nights at our Airbnb in Ella and 3.3 Euros for drinks from the hotel.

Our expenses in Ella totaled 353.19 Euros.

Arugam Bay

Our next stop after Ella was Arugam Bay. Since we wanted to see Diyaluma Falls along the way, we took a taxi. We paid 2.3 Euros for the entrance fee to reach the top of the waterfall. After a tiring climb, we took a break and drank some cold fruit juices on the way down, costing us 8.3 Euros. We paid 65 Euros for the taxi ride to Arugam Bay.

At check-in, we paid 192.95 Euros for three nights at our hotel in Arugam Bay. We then had dinner at Serendib. It was a must to try their fresh daily caught fish. Although Sri Lankan cuisine is not particularly renowned for its fish, it was still delicious. We paid 26.7 Euros for the fish and drinks.

On our second day in Arugam Bay, we had breakfast at Caf├ę Choco Lush for 12 Euros before a Tuk-Tuk tour arranged by our hotel for 30.6 Euros. We bought water from the market for 0.8 Euros and started our tour. We visited Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigala Temple, and Elephant Rock. There were no entrance fees for these places. We had dinner at Sketch for 23.15 Euros, but we donÔÇÖt recommend it. Later, we went back to Serendib for drinks and paid 14.75 Euros.

On our last day in Arugam Bay, we preferred to relax on the beach and in the town. We paid 9.15 Euros for breakfast and then spent time at Tom and JerryÔÇÖs on the beach, paying 5.95 Euros for drinks. Before dinner, we had our laundry done at the hotel, costing 12.20 Euros. For dinner, we had grilled fish at Catch and Sail and paid 16.80 Euros.

Our expenses in Arugam Bay totaled 420.65 Euros.

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The next stop on our 3-week Sri Lanka trip after Arugam Bay was Tissamaharama. During our two-night stay in Tissamaharama, we went on a safari in Yala National Park. We took a Tuk-Tuk from Arugam Bay to the bus station in Pothuvil for 3.1 Euros. Then, we traveled by bus to Weerawila Junction for 3.7 Euros and took another bus to our hotel, costing only 0.4 Euros for the transfer. For dinner, we went to Smoky Kitchen and paid 17 Euros.

At 5 AM, our safari driver picked us up from the hotel, and we headed swiftly to Yala National Park. Due to its fame, the entrance fee for the park was quite high. We paid 70 Euros for the entrance fee. We also paid 33.5 Euros for breakfast and lunch during the safari. In retrospect, just having lunch would have sufficed as having both breakfast and lunch together was a bit too much.

We highly recommend the safari. Seeing various animals in their natural habitat was a unique experience. There were just the two of us on the safari, and we paid 146.95 Euros to Victor for our reservation. We were very satisfied with the organization of the tour.

We paid 73.1 Euros for two nights at Serenity Tissa Hotel. Our total expenses in Tissamaharama were 347.75 Euros.


The final stop of our Sri Lanka trip was Ahangama. We took a bus from Tissamaharama to Ahangama for 3.1 Euros. First, we checked in at Sister’s B&B and paid 360 Euros for six nights. This place is two stops away from Ahangama by bus. After checking into the Airbnb, we went to the center of Ahangama by bus for just 0.6 Euros to get our necessities from the market.

We spent 5.8 Euros at the market on sunscreen and water. For dinner, we went to an Israeli restaurant near the Airbnb and paid 28 Euros for delicious dishes. After dinner, we went to Trax for live music and spent 63 Euros on drinks and snacks.

On our first morning in Ahangama, we took a bus to Galle, which cost 1 Euro. While wandering the streets of Galle, we bought water and ice cream for 5.8 Euros. We then bought some gift teas from the Dilmah Tea shop for 33.1 Euros. We took a break at the Bungalow Cafe and spent 8.7 Euros on drinks and returned to our Airbnb by bus for 0.7 Euros. After resting a bit at the hotel, we went to Mermaids Ahangama for dinner by Tuk-Tuk. The sunset at this restaurant was truly stunning. We paid 10.5 Euros for the meal and 3.6 Euros for the Tuk-Tuk.

On our second day in Ahangama, after breakfast, we took a bus to Ahangama and back for 0.7 Euros. We bought an antibiotic cream for ┼×ahin’s sunburn for 12.20 Euros from a pharmacy. Since we were running low on cash, we also withdrew money from a bank, paying a service fee of 12 Euros. It was very hot, and we didn’t want to stay in the sun for too long, so we spent the day at the Airbnb.

For dinner, we took a Tuk-Tuk to Crust for pizza and then went to Ceylon Sliders to enjoy drinks while watching the sunset. We spent 18.75 Euros on dinner, 16.60 Euros on drinks, and 3.3 Euros on the Tuk-Tuk.

On the third day in southern Sri Lanka, we went to Paradise Cove Midigama by Tuk-Tuk to sunbathe and swim. We returned to the hotel by Tuk-Tuk in the evening. We spent 50.27 Euros on breakfast, lunch, and drinks at the beach, and 7.6 Euros on the Tuk-Tuk. After our beach day, we had dinner at East, paying 22.4 Euros for Hummus and Shawarma. We also bought water on our way back to the room for 0.7 Euros.

On the fourth day, we took a bus from the hotel to Weligama for 0.8 Euros. We spent 19.10 Euros on breakfast at Nutry Weligama. Then, we took a bus from Weligama to Mirissa for 0.7 Euros. We spent time at the beach and bought drinks at a caf├ę for 6 Euros. Mirissa has less wavy beaches, so if you’re thinking of swimming instead of surfing, we recommend Mirissa.

On the same day, we took a bus from Mirissa to Unawatuna for 0.8 Euros. At Dallawela Beach, we rented sunbeds and swam among sea turtles. We paid 4.6 Euros for two sunbeds. After enjoying the sun on beach, we walked from Dallawela Beach to La Boheme restaurant, but it was quite a long distance and could have been better not to walk. We spent 32.7 Euros on pizzas and called a Tuk-Tuk from Pick-Me, paying 4.7 Euros to return to our Airbnb.

On the fifth day in southern Sri Lanka, we went to Paradise Cove Midigama by Tuk-Tuk to sunbathe and swim. Before heading to the beach, we mailed four postcards we bought in Ella to Germany for 0.9 Euros. We spent 33.66 Euros on breakfast, lunch, and drinks at the beach and 7.6 Euros on the Tuk-Tuk. For dinner, we went to Trax again and spent 60.9 Euros on a bottle of wine and hamburgers.

On our last day in Sri Lanka, we had breakfast at Sister’s B&B and spent a total of 89.1 Euros on all the breakfasts we had at the caf├ę. This place is run by two Turkish sisters who fell in love with Sri Lanka, so the breakfast was a Turkish breakfast. The airport transfer cost us 67 Euros. At the airport, we spent our remaining Sri Lankan Rupees on two coconut tea cups for 15.2 Euros each. We also spent 9.70 Euros on a burger while waiting. At our layover point, we spent 11.20 Euros on brownies and tea and 23.75 Euros on pizzas.

Our total expenses in Ahangama and until we boarded our flight to Germany were 983.93 Euros.

3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget Overview

For our 3-week Sri Lanka trip, we spent a total of 1919.4 Euros on plane tickets, visas, travel insurance, a medical kit, and our backpacks. Our expenses in the cities were as follows. Adding all these up, the total cost of our three-week trip was 4538.94 Euros.

┼×ehirExpensesin EuroSum
ColomboFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
66.8 Euro
2.5 Euro
27.1 Euro
30 Euro
124.6 Euro
SigiriyaFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
Cooking Class
37.95 Euro
136.1 Euro
46.64 Euro
56.5 Euro
73.68 Euro
350.87 Euro
KandyFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
74.4 Euro
43.1 Euro
53.3 Euro
37.45 Euro
10.5 Euro
218.75 Euro
Nuwara EliyaFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
14.7 Euro
70.8 Euro
32.05 Euro
29.9 Euro
93 Euro
240.45 Euro
EllaFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
137.8 Euro
5.6 Euro
15.8 Euro
192.19 Euro
1.8 Euro
353.19 Euro
Arugam BayFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
117.6 Euro
2.3 Euro
95.6 Euro
192.95 Euro
12.20 Euro
420.65 Euro
TissamaharamaFood & Drink
Entrance Fee
50.5 Euro
70 Euro
7.2 Euro
73.1 Euro
146.95 Euro
347.75 Euro
AhangamaFood & Drink
449.93 Euro
102.20 Euro
360 Euro
18 Euro
53.8 Euro
983.93 Euro
Toplam2619.54 Euro
3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget

Our article for 3-Weeks Sri Lanka Travel Budget ends here. We wish you an exiting and safe trip! ­čÖé

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