How to Find a Job in Germany

Hello everyone, today’s topic will be a guide to find job in Germany. Due to some reasons you don’t want to stay in your home country anymore. You need a new start in another country. Then Germany will help you with various job opportunities.

According to your personal situation, there are some different ways to follow to find a job in Germany. There are two options, which I can explain more detailed. You can find these ways in the following part of this entry. But you should do something for both at first.

Things you should do anyhow to find job in Germany

When you ask me about Germany, what the most significant thing is about life. I can easily say, they have standards for every single thing, of course in application documents also.

CV (detailed info only available in Turkish)

It should contain information about your personal information, studies, previous experiences, languages, IT skills and hobbies. Last but not least you should have your Application Photo, which is very important. You should have a clean face, sympathetic laugh and energetic look.

When the manager look your CV, they will see application photo first in your job application. Thanks to a nice photo you will have a good chance that they will check your application.

Your CV should contain true information about yourself and matches with the applied job. Otherwise you donÔÇÖt have too much chance to pass first filter of the hiring manager. Todays all of the big companies use this kind of filters to skip the irrelevant applications.

If one of the skills is written at the first half of job requirements, then you should have these requirements to get an invitation for interview. They found place at high orders because they have high importance for this job.

Cover letter (detailed info only available in Turkish)

Cover letter is one of the most important part in your job application. As it is written before, without cover letter you will not be able to pass the filter. That’s why you should have a cover letter with four parts.

  • Entrance
    At this part, you should start with a formal salutations and write which position do you want to apply. At this part you should write most important job related success to impress the hiring manager and take their attentions.
  • Who I am
    This part where you explain yourself, but be careful it should not be a repeat of your CV. You should write more about your personal skills with harmonized with the information at CV.
  • Why the company
    You should make a search about company, what they do, what makes you work for them, why you select this company. You should answer these questions with a smooth expressions.
  • Why we
    Here you should explain, which skills of you are related with job and company culture.
  • Closing
    This part you should write that you will be happy with an interview to explain yourself and meet personally.

Reference Letter

Reference letter from previous companies will help you to show what you did at these companies, in Germany it is a standard, every company must give reference letter (in German Arbeitszeugnis) with a performance evaluation.

Other Documents

Academic papers, previous work examples for related jobs, university graduation certificates etc.

Option I:

First find a job , then come in Germany

If you want to find a job before leaving your country and not able to visit Germany to search for a job there, then you should start your job search online.

  1. You should search companies in your field, there Google will be very helpful. Automotive companies in Germany, dairy product companies in Germany, Defence companies in Germany etc. these examples can be raised, but you got already the point.
  2. When you found the companies, check their webpages for possible job openings.
  3. Then you can apply the relevant job openings there.
  4. Also there are some engineering service companies. They make contracts with you and you will work for another company, they will rent you out.
  5. LinkedIn / XING Career Networks, where you can contact with the managers, HR responsible and you can also find positions there.
    For the big companies, these positions werenÔÇÖt filled by webpage applications, thatÔÇÖs why these positions are published on LinkedIn / XING, which means if you fill requirements of job, then you have good chance.
  6. Indeed / Monster are the popular job portals where you can find the jobs. You should create a profile and hope to get contact from HR.

Make sure at all cases that you applied with good quality of application documents which is accurate with German Standards.

Option II:

First visit Germany and then find job in Germany

If you are a citizen of EU Country or your country has a visa agreement with Germany, then you can easily visit Germany and stay there to search a job. But if you need a visa for job search, then check this blog post also. How to Get Jobseeker Visa for Germany .

  1. You should search for job, career fairs in Germany and visit them frequently
  2. Then you should contact also with Job Centre and also Employment Office to register as Jobseeker.
  3. Check the company webpages regularly and apply the possible jobs.

The advantage of staying in Germany is that it shows how much you determined are. In addition to that, companies call you to make a face to face interview, it gives a flexibility. At this time, you can also learn German or practise more which is very important to live in Germany.

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Best luck,

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