Blue Card Application

  1. What documents are required for application?
  • Two fully completed and signed application forms in German, and one explanatory letter signed by the applicant according to Article 54 (2) (8) of the Residence Act.
  • Passport (see Info Note No. 20)
  • Two passport-sized photographs (see Info Note No. 20)
  • Curriculum vitae explaining professional development, transcripts, diplomas, etc. German higher education diploma or a recognized foreign higher education diploma comparable to a German higher education diploma. You can check if your foreign higher education diploma is recognized or comparable in the ANABIN database: (German only).
  • Include the following documents with your application:
    • Document indicating that your university is evaluated as “H+” in ANABIN.
    • Document showing that your graduation certificate is classified under the category of “equivalent”. Please make sure to specify the appropriate graduation certificate for your diploma. If your non-thesis master’s degree is not equivalent, be sure to present your diploma supplement document. If your undergraduate degree is equivalent according to ANABIN equivalence criteria, it is sufficient for the application.
    • For doctors, the comparability of the foreign higher education diploma is confirmed by the approval (Approbation) for the practice of the medical profession.
  • Concrete job offer containing the following information (e.g., Employment Contract):
    • Employer in Germany (name, address)
    • Workplace in Germany (postal code)
    • Job advertisement and job description
    • Type of work: Full-time or part-time
    • Annual gross salary in Euros
    • Your work should be suitable for your qualifications. In this context, your employment should partially or indirectly require the knowledge and experience documented by your higher education diploma. (e.g., A doctor employed in a pharmaceutical company).
    • For the issuance of the “EU Blue Card,” the annual gross salary must be at least 52,000 Euros. In sought-after professions such as natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and computer specialists, the annual gross salary must be at least 40,560 Euros. The amounts specified for the year 2018 are reviewed and adjusted annually.
  • If mandatory for the profession only: Confirmation of the professional practice permit or a letter of confirmation that the permit will be issued (e.g., approval for the practice of the medical profession according to Article 10 of the Federal Medical Doctors’ Regulations)
  • Travel health insurance covering the period between your entry into Germany and the start of your employment (at least 15 days). (see Info Note No. 1a)
  1. How long does it take to get the Blue Card?

    It will take between 4 to 6 weeks.
  2. Is experience required to get the Blue Card?

    No, there is no such requirement, but the experience you have in Turkey or another country will help you in finding a job.
  3. When can I get permanent residency after getting the Blue Card?

    If you can prove your German language skills at level B1, you will get permanent residency after 21 months. If you cannot prove this, you will get permanent residency after 33 months.
  4. Which visa should I apply for in Turkey? How long will this visa be valid?

    In Turkey, you should apply for a National Visa for the Blue Card through the consulate visa department. This visa will grant you a residence permit for 3 to 6 months. During this period, you must register with the municipality and then apply for the Blue Card at the foreigners office, which is the size of an identity card. If your contract is limited, they will give it to you with its expiration, and if your contract is unlimited, they will give you a 4-year Blue Card.
  5. Can I switch to another company while working with the Blue Card?

    It is possible to change companies, but within the first twenty-four months, you must notify the foreigners office of this change. For this change, you will need:
    • Your resignation approval
    • Your new contract
    • Your passport
    • Your Blue Card and its additional card. After 24 months, this notification is not required.

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