Part-time Job in Germany

Hello all,
Today’s topic will be answer for one of most asked questions regarding life in Germany.
– Can I find a part-time job to afford as a student in Germany?
– I don’t have too much time to work fulltime, I would like to have a job, which I can work 10-20 hours and it will be enough for me, how can I find a part-time job in Germany ?
That’s why at this entry I will try to explain which possibilities that you have to work as part-time, what I know about part-time job in Germany.

Types of part-time job in Germany

In Germany, according to my knowledge and experience there are four different types of part-time jobs in Germany. I will explain each separately to with same logic; introduction with a general information, then where to work, how much you can earn and advantages.

  • Minijobs
  • HiWi
  • Working Student
  • Part-time job possibility as graduate

Let’s start with first option.


Minijobs are the one of the possible options for part-time job in Germany. For that job, you donÔÇÖt have to be even a student or there is no age limit also. These jobs can be kitchen help at restaurant, cashier or staff at a supermarket, waiter / waitress at a cafe, bartender at a pub, courier for some local restaurants and even for DHL, DPD.

The German minijob is a specific kind of employment whereby the employee earns no more than 450 Euro per month. In this job type, employee pays less social and health insurance, because state covers these costs for the employer. There is no income tax for this kind of job also.

But if you are a minijobber, it will not be easy to step into full time job at company, an intern has the chance to use her / his internship as stepping stone to get full time job more than you.

If you are student, then you should know that you are allowed to work just 20 hours during semester and if you had a student visa, your working days are limited with 120 days full time / 240 days part time in a calendar year.


HiWi is abbreviation of German word “Hilfswissenschaftler”, which means research assistant, but used for ÔÇ×studentische HilfskraftÔÇť also, which means student assistant. We will explain last one because it matches with part time job conditions. As a student assistant, you work with a professor’s lab or at a PhD. thesis to help PhD. candidate.

At this job type, you will be paid hourly and hourly wage is more than minimum wage in Germany, around 16-18 Euro, it will be kept under 450 Euro because of the social and health insurance policy in Germany.

At this kind of job you will not pay any income tax, which is good for more income. Most probably, you will be working at the same field of your study. Working for a research in professor’s laboratory will increase your practical and technical experience in your field, which helps you find a work easily after graduation.

Working Student

As a university student, you can work as working student at a company in your field of study after your 3rd semester at bachelor degree. Working student is a position between internship and full time job, which means that you step into company go forward at your career.

As working student, you should work 10 – 20 hours per week and according to your contract, you will be paid with a hourly rate of 13 – 20 Euro. At your contract, the working days and hours that you work on a day will be defined, that means if you want to change your schedule, you should talk with your supervisor at company also. After this kind of job, it is possible to find a subject to write your thesis at the company.

To find a working student job, you should search for “werkstudent” positions at the companies of your interest. For your application documents, you can check our blog entries about CV and Cover Letter, which are only available in Turkish.

Part-time job possibility as graduate

Due to some reasons, do you want to work less, paid less and have more time for important things in your life, like family, child care, your self-employment or to build your own house. This is also possible in Germany as a part time job option.

During your application you should ask for part time working possibility, also you can ask your boss for reduction of the work time, which requires a new contract.

I hope this blog entry makes clear all part time job possibilities in Germany.

Good luck,

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