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Bachelor Study in Germany

Hello all, till now we wrote just about master degree and career in Germany and in Europe. But it is not only chance to study in Germany and start living in Germany. You can start your bachelor degree and get a bachelor degree with high quality of education from Germany.

A lot of non-state universities are built up and got place in university education of Turkey at the last 10-20 years. Some of them succeeded a good quality of education. However most of them don’t offer good quality of education and they are there to give a title and a diploma as paper, unfortunately. All of the non state universities have a common thing, which is the high semester fee and expenses, which are the disadvantages of them.

As a parent, if you want to develop your child’s career well, then there is another option than non state universities with almost same expenses for study. Study in Germany.

Cost of the Bachelor Study in Germany

Germany with a leading role in technology is a great chance to start your profession. Also university education in Germany is free, semester fee is just 40-200 Euro pro semester. If you are not a citizen of European Union, then you should pay 1500 Euro pro semester in Baden Wurttemberg.

Monthly cost of living in Germany will be around 700-800 Euro for a bachelor student, which will be around semester fee at non state university. But you will be sure that, after graduation, the students can speak German and also English fluently and did some internships which will enlarge her/his career.

On the other hand, Germany offers a lot of part time working chances. At these jobs, the students can get around 450 to 900 Euro monthly. According to where they are working, it’s possible to develop their academic career and also career.

After 3rd semester, you can find a working student job which will be paid around 900 Euro monthly.

Find a Bachelor Study in Germany

To find a bachelor degree, there are three ways to follow them.

First way is the easiest but expensive one, you should make an arrangement with an education consultant company, which will arrange everything with universities, help for your dormitory application, German course etc. and so on. Therefore it will cost some extra money.

Second way is the one of the cheapest way, which you will check every single university that is relevant for your interest of study. That will cost some time, that’s why it can be hard.

Third way is the searching at, which is the one of the biggest portal for academic studies in Germany, where you can find a bachelor program which fits with your interest and also skills. This way is also a bit hard, but you have one source to get first overview and then check each program at university webpage individually.

But we will be happy to help you at second and third way.

Required Documents for Bachelor Admission

  • High School Graduate Certificate, in German as Certified Copy
  • High School Grade, in German as Certified Copy
  • University Entrance Results, if it is available
  • Uniassist Preevaluation Results
  • Block Account or Sponsorship from Germany
  • Health Insurance

After application, the results will be sent in 3-6 weeks. If you got positive results, which will be preconditioned admission, which means you should prove your German language skills, otherwise you should do a German Course and after that you will get your final admission.

What to Do after Admission

  • Dormitory search / application
  • Visa application
  • Buy flight ticket
  • Plan your first week

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry and got information regarding bachelor study in Germany.

If you are also interested with masters degree in Germany, you can find the link here for finding a master in Germany.


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