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Sri Lanka Accommodation Guide: Budget vs Luxury

In Sri Lanka, there are different accommodation options available for every budget. You can find various types of accommodation both in the cities and coastal towns. We have prepared a very comprehensive Sri Lanka accommodation guide for you. Here is the Sri Lanka Accommodation Guide: Budget vs Luxury!

Sri Lanka Accommodation Guide: Budget vs Luxury

In our Sri Lanka accommodation guide, we summarized our accommodation recommendations and the accommodation prices in different cities. In addition to the places we were satisfied with, we also compiled other highly-rated accommodations that we found appealing for you.

Sri Lanka Accommodation Tips

Tips for Before Reservation

We find Booking, Airbnb, or Hostelworld to be reliable platforms for Sri Lanka accommodation reservations. We recommend reading the reviews about the places you want to stay in detail on these platforms. Additionally, it’s also helpful to check the reviews on Google Maps for the accommodations you like.

While examining Sri Lanka accommodation options, make sure to pay attention to the number of reviews and generally good reviews. We especially recommend considering comments related to hot water and cleanliness. We heard that there are many hotels in Sri Lanka where hot water is an issue. Although we didn’t experience this in any of the hotels we chose, it’s still good to be cautious.

It’s possible to find hotels with pools at a reasonable price, so you should consider these among Sri Lanka accommodation options. Since it can be very hot, especially if you’re traveling in the central part of Sri Lanka, you’ll be more comfortable.

Besides, we recommend ensuring that your chosen accommodation has air conditioning. It’s great for dealing with both the heat and the mosquitoes. If you can’t find a room with air conditioning, make sure the bed has a mosquito net.

Tips for After Reservation

In Sri Lanka, most hotels don’t take payment when you make a reservation through Booking. You need to pay upon arrival or at check-out, and these payments are generally requested in cash and in Sri Lankan Rupees. Therefore, you should keep some cash on hand.

Additionally, many hotels have a limited number of power outlets or they are far from the bed. So, we recommend bringing a three-plug extension cord. We’re sure you’ll be very comfortable with it. In many places, the sockets are three-pronged, but it’s easy to fit two-pronged ones, so you won’t need an adapter. You can ask a responsible person at the hotel for help with this.

If you are on a long trip in Sri Lanka like us, you might need to do laundry. Many hotels in Sri Lanka offer a laundry service, and they get your clothes washed at a place they have an agreement with. Unfortunately, with these services, your clothes might get lost or damaged, and they may be washed together with others’ laundry. Therefore, we tried to use the washing machine existing in the hotel (if existing) whenever possible.

Sri Lanka Accommodation Prices

CityHostel PricesStandard Hotel Prices*Luxury Hotel Prices**
Colombo10-20 €30-75 €80+ €
Sigiriya9-12 €17-55 €100+ €
Kandy7-25 €20-50 €50+ €
Nuwara Eliya10-13 €25-50 €65+ €
Ella9-15 €20-70 €130+ €
Arugam Bay13-26 €18-60 €80+ €
Tissamaharama9-13 €30-60 €
Ahangama15-17 €40-70 €120+ €
Average Sri Lanka Accommodation Prices 2024
*Up to 3 stars, **4 stars and above


As the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is slightly more expensive than the rest of the country. It is possible to stay at a lower cost if you move away from the city center. We think it would be nice to stay in areas like Colombo 03 (also called Kollupitiya), Galle Fort, Wekanda, or Cinnamon Gardens. This way, you’ll be close to the places to visit and good restaurants.

Galle Face Terrace Hostel by Tourlux

Located in the Colombo 03 area, this hostel is an affordable accommodation option in Colombo. The rooms have a bunk bed layout, and there’s a lounge area for socializing. You can book a bed in a 4-person dormitory for around 10 Euros. Moreover, there are female-only and mixed dormitories available.

Hostelworld: Galle Face Terrace Hostel

Google Maps: Galle Face Terrace Hostel

Colombo Airbnb

This Airbnb is located in the Liberty Plaza in the Kollupitiya area, also known as Colombo 03. The Airbnb is 18 minutes on foot from the Gangaramaya Temple and 30 minutes on foot from Galle Face Green. There are many restaurants and shops nearby. The apartment is for your exclusive use and includes a small kitchen, washing machine, drying rack, bathroom, and a double bed. We were pleased with its cleanliness, and the host Parwaiz was very helpful. We recommend it for your Colombo trip. The nightly rate is 30 Euros.

Airbnb: 1 Bedroom Studio Airbnb

Google Maps: Liberty Plaza


Srilax is located in the Cinnamon Gardens area of Colombo. You can walk to the Gangarayama Temple in about 30 minutes from here. There are also many buses from a nearby stop to Colombo Fort. The rooms have a double bed, sofa, desk, air conditioning, bathroom, and balcony. The nightly rate ranges from 40 to 50 Euros. The hotel’s design is airy and refreshing.

Booking: Srilax

Google Maps: Srilax

Courtyard Colombo

Located in the Wekanda area, Courtyard Colombo is right in front of Gangarayama Park. This 4-star hotel has very good reviews, and its location makes it easy to walk to various places. The rooms have a double bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, and coffee maker. The room rates range from 145 to 350 Euros per night.

Booking: Courtyard Colombo

Google Maps: Courtyard Colombo


In Sigiriya, we recommend choosing your accommodation close to Sigiriya Lion Rock or Pidurangala Rock. If you plan to visit these places, you will need to use a tuk-tuk since there are many elephants in the area. Being close to these locations will reduce your travel costs and you won’t need to start your travel extremely early compared to staying farther away.

Additionally, you can find many treehouse-style accommodations in Sigiriya, which are generally cheaper than other options. However, if you are afraid of insects, we do not recommend these as they are likely to have bug issues. We personally avoided such options as we are not comfortable with insects.

There are generally not many hostel options in Sigiriya. We couldn’t find a reliable place based on reviews, so we won’t be recommending any hostels here.

Kashyapa Kingdom View Home

Kashyapa Kingdom is located on a side street off Sigiriya Road. It is only a 5-10 minute drive or tuk-tuk ride to Sigiriya Lion Rock. The terrace in the shared area of the Airbnb offers a magnificent view of Sigiriya Lion Rock and endless rice fields. They also offer breakfast for an additional fee, which we found adequate. The hotel owner, Dhanushka, is very helpful. There is no market directly around the hotel. The room includes a double bed, private bathroom, sofa, and air conditioning. The nightly rate is 16 Euros.

We stayed here, and we think it is worth considering just for its location. However, the cleanliness was not very good. If you choose to stay here, we recommend selecting one of the rooms on the upper floor.

Airbnb: Comfy Double Room with Balcony

Google Maps: Kashyapa Kingdom View Home

Thal Sewana Homestay

Thal Sewana Homestay is very close to Pidurangala Rock. The rooms have a double bed, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Room rates range from 25 to 30 Euros. You can also have breakfast and use the laundry service for an additional fee.

Booking: Thal Sewana Homestay

Google Maps: Thal Sewana Homestay

Sigiriya King’s Resort

Sigiriya Kings Resort offers views of both Pidurangala Rock and Sigiriya Lion Rock. The rooms include a double bed, desk, air conditioning, and private bathroom. Room rates range from 55 to 60 Euros. You can also have breakfast for an additional fee. The hotel has a pool and a bar.

Booking: Sigiriya King’s Resort

Google Maps: Sigiriya King’s Resort


Kandy is another large city in Sri Lanka. Here, too, you can find cheaper accommodations if you move a bit away from the city center. The area following the city center and train tracks is relatively flat. Beyond that, there are hills.

Kandy City Village

This is a great hotel among Sri Lanka accommodation options. The owners are incredibly friendly. You can walk to the center of Kandy in about 35 minutes from here. There are also bus or tuk-tuk options available. Your room includes a double bed, air conditioning, and a bathroom. Additionally, the hotel owners offer a laundry service for an extra fee based on the weight of your laundry. They also provide breakfast for an additional fee, which we can say is rich and delicious. The rooms are quite clean. We had no issues during our stay. The price is 19 Euros per night.

Booking: Kandy City Village

Google Maps: Kandy City Village

Selyna Sky Terrace

Selyna Sky Terrace is about a 30-minute walk from the city center. The rooms include a double bed, desk, chair, air conditioning, and a bathroom. Reviews are quite positive in terms of cleanliness and location. You can also see the view of Kandy from the hotel. The price per night ranges between 30 – 40 Euros.

Booking: Selyna Sky Terrace

Google Maps: Selyna Sky Terrace

Smile Hub Kandy

Smile Hub Kandy is a budget-friendly hostel run by a Japanese couple. It is quite far from the center. You can walk to Kandy’s center in about 45 minutes from here. Or, of course, you can take the bus. The rooms include a double bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, and refrigerator. The price per night is around 15 – 25 Euros.

Booking: Smile Hub Kandy

Google Maps: Smile Hub Kandy

Nuwara Eliya

For Nuwara Eliya, you can choose accommodation either in the north or south of Gregory Lake. Especially in the north, which is the center of Nuwara Eliya, there are many restaurants and shopping places, so finding a place here will make it easier to meet your needs. You can also easily reach Victoria Park in the center from here.

Thuring’s Holiday Bungalow

Thuring’s Holiday Bungalow is a hotel close to tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. You can walk to the center of Nuwara Eliya in about 45 minutes from the hotel. However, since this city is built on a mountainous area, it’s important to note that there are many slopes. The room was sufficiently spacious and clean. It included a double bed, bathroom, wardrobe, and chair. Also, this was the only hotel in Sri Lanka where we saw a blanket and a dryer. Since Nuwara Eliya is close to the highest point in Sri Lanka, it can get quite cold. Therefore, having a blanket and dryer is important. The price here is around 26 Euros per night.

Booking: Thuring’s Holiday Bungalow

Google Maps: Thuring’s Holiday Bungalow

Seasons Villa

Seasons Villa is about a 25-minute walk from the center of Nuwara Eliya. The rooms include a double bed, private bathroom, TV, and balcony. Additionally, there is a hairdryer and a heater available. The prices for the rooms range from 85 to 200 Euros per night.

Booking: Seasons Villa

Google Maps: Seasons Villa

Ella – Sri Lanka Accommodation Guide

Ella’s town center is very pleasant. Generally, finding accommodation close to the center means you can easily access cafes, restaurants, and the events held at these cafes in the evenings.

If you prefer staying outside the town, we recommend choosing a place with a view of the famous Nine Arches Bridge. However, not all places claiming to have this view are trustworthy. For example, our stay at a place in Ella that advertised a view of the Nine Arches Bridge ended in disappointment. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we have recommended a hotel with a view that a friend of ours stayed at and liked.

Hangover Hostels Ella

Hangover Hostels Ella is a hostel where you can stay in dormitories with 6 to 2 beds. Breakfast is included in your accommodation fee. You pay approximately 10 Euros for a bed in the dormitory. Additionally, you can walk to the center of Ella in 5 minutes from here.

Booking: Hangover Hostels Ella

Google Maps: Hangover Hostels Ella

Downtown Hostel Ella

At Downtown Hostel Ella, you can stay in budget-friendly dormitories with 6 or 8 beds. The fee for a bed is approximately 13 Euros. Moreover, this hostel is 2 minutes from the center of Ella and close to many restaurants and markets.

Booking: Downtown Hostel Ella

Google Maps: Downtown Hostel Ella

Chamodya Homestay

This Airbnb is within walking distance of the center of Ella and has a magnificent view. For this accommodation with a shared bathroom, you need to pay approximately 40 Euros per night. The reviews are very good, especially for cleanliness.

Airbnb: Chamodya Homestay

Green Nature Paradise Ella

In this accommodation with a view of Nine Arches Bridge, you stay in a treehouse. The room has a double bed, bathroom, and balcony. A friend recommended this place to us. The nightly fee ranges from approximately 60 to 90 Euros. You can walk to Nine Arches Bridge in a few minutes from here. Additionally, you can walk to the center of Ella in about 40 minutes.

Booking: Green Nature Paradise Ella

Google Maps: Green Nature Paradise Ella

Arugam Bay

We recommend finding accommodation close to the beach in Arugam Bay. If you plan to swim rather than surf, you should choose accommodation with a pool. This is because the Arugam Bay beach is very wavy, making swimming quite challenging in our opinion.

Paddyway Resort

Paddyway Resort is a hotel with a pool and air conditioning, located about a 10-minute walk from Arugam Bay beach. Considering its cleanliness and facilities, we can confidently recommend it. We were very comfortable here, and spending time in the pool was incredibly refreshing. Since March is the low season in Arugam Bay, the price was more affordable, and we were the only guests staying at the hotel. They also offer laundry service where they wash your clothes outside. We stayed here for 62 Euros per night.

Booking: Paddyway Resort

Google Maps: Paddyway Resort

Kadjan Villa

Kadjan Villa is located south of Arugam Bay, about a 25-minute walk from the center. It’s situated directly on the beach, making it an ideal spot for surfing or swimming. The rooms have double beds and open-air bathrooms, offering a unique experience. They also have a washing machine available for guests to use, unlike many other places so you can wash your clothes yourself. The nightly rate is approximately 18 Euros.

Booking: Kadjan Villa

Google Maps: Kadjan Villa


Tissamaharama is an excellent location for safaris to Yala National Park. It is both close to Yala National Park and offers more affordable accommodation.

Serenity Tissa

Serenity Tissa is located just a 2-minute walk from the main street of Tissamaharama. Along this main street, you can find many large markets and nice restaurants. The rooms feature two single beds, a private bathroom, a desk, wardrobe, and air conditioning. However, unfortunately, the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be of much use. Additionally, the hotel has a pool that is quite clean. The nightly rate for the room is 30 Euros, and breakfast is included in this price.

Booking: Serenity Tissa

Google Maps: Serenity Tissa


Ahangama is a fantastic spot to stay on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. It offers a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle, yet it’s easy to travel to other cities in the south using buses, tuk-tuks, and even trains in some places.

Unfortunately, hostel options in Ahangama are limited, and we couldn’t find any highly-rated hostels to recommend.

In general, you can choose any accommodation within a 10-minute walk to the beach.

Sistersaway B&B

Sistersaway B&B is an Airbnb owned by two Turkish sisters located approximately a 10-minute drive from Ahangama’s center. Burcu and Burçin fell in love with Sri Lanka’s southern coast and sunsets after exploring different places. They recommended many nearby places to us, and we tried and enjoyed many of them.

The rooms are very comfortable and clean. We stayed in a spacious bedroom with a sufficient kitchen and a large bathroom. Additionally, there was air conditioning and a fan. We made our reservation by sending a message on Instagram, and we didn’t face any issues. We confidently recommend it for the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The rate was about 60 Euros per night.

Moreover, there is a cafe inside this Airbnb, and they offer a discount on breakfast if you stay here. They have Turkish breakfast options that we found quite delicious.

Airbnb: Sisters B&B

Google Maps: Sistersaway B&B

Lihinya Beach Villa

Lihinya Beach Villa has a fantastic location with a beach right in front of it. You can also walk to Ahangama Beach in 25 minutes or Kabala Beach in 18 minutes from here. The rooms feature a double bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, and a balcony. The hotel also has a pool. The nightly rate ranges from 93 to 130 Euros.

Booking: Lihinya Beach Villa

Google Maps: Lihinya Beach Villa


Mirissa is among the accommodation options on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful choice with beaches suitable for swimming and soft sands. You can choose accommodation within walking distance of the beach.

Sun & Tree Homestay

This hotel is a 12-minute walk from Coconut Tree Hill. The rooms have a double bed, private bathroom, and air conditioning. The nightly rate is around 17 – 18 Euros.

Booking: Sun & Tree Homestay

Google Maps: Sun & Tree Homestay

Thus concludes our Sri Lanka Accommodation Guide.

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