Pidurangala Rock, Sigiriya

The Best Place to Visit in Sigiriya: Pidurangala Rock

Do you want to see the spectacular view of Sigiriya Lion Rock and forest surrounding it? We prepared everything you need to know about Pidurangala Rock. So let’s start with the Best Place to Visit in Sigiriya: Pidurangala Rock!

The Best Place to Visit in Sigiriya: Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala Rock is formed by volcanic activities. It is around 200 m tall and located in the north of the Sigiriya Lion Rock. The name of Pidurangala means “offered piles of Gold“. Pidurangala Rock has been occupied by the Buddhist Monks for more than 2500 years ago. These monks were initially living on the Sigiriya Lion Rock in a monastery complex.

When King Kasyapa planned to have a fortress on top of the Sigiriya Lion Rock, he offered to built a Buddhist monastery in the Pidurangala Rock. Due to sloped and solid surface of the rock, it was not suitable for large buildings. Therefore, the Buddhist monastery was built in the caves and rocks around Pidurangala. Once the monastery was built, King Kasyapa moved the monks from the Sigiriya Lion Rock to Pidurangala Rock. Thus, the Pidurangala Rock became a province.

How to reach to the summit of the rock?

In order to reach to the summit of the Pidurangala Rock, you need to pass through a temple and climb the way up by the handmade stairs. Once the stairs end, then you see a few ancient remains of the Pidurangala Temple. Among the remains, the most impressive one is the 12 m reclining Buddha statue. This Buddha statue is partially preserved. Some parts were restored later on by bricks including the head as these parts were stolen by the treasure hunters unfortunately.

The last part of the climb is pretty challenging as you need to climb through rocks without a clear path. But it is not an impossible climb and you will always see some other people who does the same. So you don’t feel alone.

Although it is a challenging climb, it worths all the effort. The view from the summit is purely amazing!

How much does it cost to visit Pidurangala Rock?

There is an entrance fee of LKR 1000 (EUR 3) per person for the Pidurangala Rock. This entrance fee is a donation to the Pidurangala Sigiri Rajamaha Viharaya Temple, which you pass to start the hike. The ticket office is open between 5 am till 6 pm. However, it is possible to stay even longer on the rock. Nevertheless, we do not recommend to stay until it’s very dark, especially if you don’t have a head light. As you need to go down between the rocks, it would be very hard to go back without a light. Especially we would recommend a headlight, in order to free up your hands for your balance.

When is the best time to visit the rock?

Hiking to Pidurangala Rock takes around 30-45 min. The best time to hike the Pidurangala Rock is between end of December and beginning of April. We would recommend to climb this rock for the sunrise or sunset. During the day, it would be too hot for the climb.

What you should wear for visiting the rock?

As you will pass through a temple initially, you would need to cover your shoulders and knees at the beginning of your climb only. In the last part, you will climb between the rocks, thus we would highly recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes. Please do not think any slippers to climb to this rock as you might slip!

Is the Pidurangala Rock worth it?

The view is simply spectacular from the Pidurangala Rock. Moreover, as the entrance fee is comparatively lower than the Sigiriya Lion Rock, the Pidurangala Rock is a budget friendly alternative to experience Sigiriya. Yes, it is definitely worth it!

Our article for The Best Place to Visit in Sigiriya: Pidurangala Rock ends here. We wish you an enjoyable and safe trip! 🙂

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